Living with EoE can feel isolating & confusing. Let’s change that!

Whether you are newly diagnosed or an EoE veteran, EoE can be overwhelming. Food is everywhere – it is emotional, social, personal, and acts as a cultural touchstone . Having to manage food eliminations along with learning how to explain EoE to friends and family can be a lot to handle all on your own. I remember when I was first diagnosed, I just wanted to meet someone who understood what I was going through without having to constantly explain the complexities of this rare disease.

If you are an adult living with EoE or another EGID, it is time to join EoE Club, a free online community where you have an opportunity to meet other adults who just “get it.” EoE Club is all about supporting each other. It is a safe space to share our experiences, ask questions, and learn from each other.

As one of the members shared, “this group is just what I have been looking for!”


What to expect in EoE Club?

As a member, you can expect to go from feeling alone to supported, confused to knowledgeable, and frustrated to confident.

  • Online community on Slack (completely free!)
  • Discussions ranging from favorite allergy-friendly products and recipes, to the latest EoE resources
  • Online calls and workshops on targeted EoE topics
  • Make new friends who relate and just “get it”

As a bonus for joining, I offer a discount (15% off) on 1:1 nutritional therapy services, an opportunity for me to support you in a more personalized and focused setting, empowering you to feel your best. Learn more about my approach here.