Coconut Banana Tigernut Bites

Coconut Banana Tigernut Bites

These coconut banana tigernut bites take only five minutes to make and keep well in the fridge or freezer. They are a no-bake treat that is healthy, filling, and creamy without any added sugar. If you want something a bit sweeter, feel free to add a little maple syrup.

So, what exactly is a tigernut?

Despite the name, tigernut is not a nut. It is a tuber that grows on one of the only edible sedges, Cyperus esculentus (Yellow Nut Grass). Also known as chufa, tigernut is used to make Horchata, a delicious and refreshing Spanish beverage.

Tigernut flour is very rich in prebiotic fiber, a resistant starch, making it great for gut health. If you follow a low-FODMAP diet, I recommend slowly building up when introducing tigernuts in your diet due to the resistant starch.

Coconut Banana Tiger Nut Bites

: 9-10
: 5 min
: 30 min
: 35 min
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These no-bake coconut banana tiger nut bites are healthy, filling, and creamy without any added sugar. Keeps well in the freezer or fridge. Diet Type: SFED, AIP, Paleo, W30, Vegan


  • Step 1 Place all ingredients into a food processor and blend until well-combined.
  • Step 2 Shape into 9-10 balls (roughly 1 tablespoon). Dust with additional shredded coconut flakes if desired.
  • Step 3 Place the bites in a freezer-safe sealable container and keep in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Once the bites are set, enjoy.
  • Step 4 Store the bites in the freezer or fridge. They should last a couple of weeks in the fridge and a few months in the freezer.

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